Marjorie Fanning, 1938
Excerpt from Chapter One

"You know there are just some things you'll never forget - as if it were yesterday. Sailing across the Queensboro Bridge to Long Island, weaving in and out of traffic, as if I were invincible.
I paid $90 down on the dark blue Indian Pony Scout on Manhattan's east side. 1938, I was 20. Was taught how to ride it on a three-wheeler by the motorcycle dealer. We rode on the Henry Hudson
Parkway over to the City trash truck parking area. Can't remember the price of the pony, think it was $300 something. I agreed to pay $9 a month. No special driver's license required.
(My father said, in a thunderous, booming voice, if you buy that motorcycle, don't you ever come home.)"      From Marjorie Fannings Diary

But Marjorie did buy that motorcycle and that started her two-year adventure riding solo from Upstate NY to Florida and on to California.
Read the rest of her delightful story in "Women In The Wind, Fearless Women of the 20th & 21st Centuries"      © Marjorie Fanning and Bluecreek Art Works, February 2002, all rights reserved

Women In The Wind Book

Marjorie Fanning on her Indian Pony in 1938


Marjorie with Author, Jasmine, at Marji's home Oct. 2003
Excerpts from Chapters 3 & 6
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