ABC's of Motorcycle Wrenching
Jasmine's Wrenching Tips

Released August 2009

ABC's of Wrenching Book


"Unfortunately, a lot of books about wrenching on your motorcycle assume the reader already knows the basics. "ABC's of Motorcycle Wrenching: Jasmine's Wrenching Tips" by Jasmine Bluecreek Clark
is a book that assumes the reader is a beginner and doesn't know a crescent wrench from a spanner wrench. "A what wrench?" you ask. Get the book and you’ll learn what a spanner wrench is.
Hint: if you have adjustable shocks and you've adjusted them, you've used one.

The soft-cover book is an easy read -- it's only 80 pages. Its 13 chapters cover tools, pre-ride check, lights and electrics, batteries, filters, tires and wheels, cables, brakes and so on.
I like that there are accompanying black and white photos with captions pointing to things I need to know or that are referenced in the text. Plus, I like seeing Jasmine's pretty face and
hands in the photos, not a grease monkey's.

The information is general enough to apply to all types and brands of motorcycles. If you want to get full-on into wrenching on your motorcycle, you'll want to buy a book specific to your
style of bike (i.e. Harley V-Twin versus metric cruiser versus sport bike) and/or the service manual for your exact model. But that's why I love Jasmine's book. It's a quick read
that explains basics with simple tests I can perform to make sure things are working properly, like how to check the tension on a belt drive."
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"Jasmine is showing me how to use the chain adjuster on a chain on a
dual sport bike on our dual sport ride for charity we did this summer.
She knows her stuff that's for sure. One thing: don't do this in bare feet!"


"All Lady Motorcycle Riders should carry this book. There is no better saddlebag bible for both men and women. I hope all my members read this book. I think most maintenance
explanations are too technical. But this book is simple and direct. This book lets us know if we really need to take it to a mechanic or dealer or if we can fix it ourselves."
Becky Brown Women In The Wind Club Founder,2002 Inductee AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame AND 2008 Inductee Sturgis Motorcycle Hall of Fame


"Like any mechanical/electrical beastie, motorcycles need proper care and feeding! In ABC's of Motorcycle Wrenching, Jasmine Bluecreek Clark not only explains routine maintenance procedures, but she is
very clear about why you should care. I consider it imperative that every woman rider arm herself with a basic understanding of her motorcycle as the time to find out is not when something goes
wrong and there is no clear cell phone signal. Gone are our helpless days ... and Jasmine's book can assist you. It's a great bargain, whether you opt for the print version ($15) or the electronic download ($5)."
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"This is a well written, illustrated book which should be a part of everyone's motorcycle library. It provides a wealth of information for both the novice and the experienced motorcycle owner-operator."
Ernest Wolf
Lakewood CO Motorcycle Police Sergeant (retired)
Certified Motorcycle Safety Instructor

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ABC's of Wrenching Book

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