Jasmines Floral and Landscape Pieces
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Bluecreek Art Works also does hot glass, or Kiln Work with Stained Glass. These Floral Lamps have proved to be quite popular. Beautifully crafted, each one is individually fused and slumped, then foiled and soldered together. These Four are Sold.


"Cut by the Beauty of Jagged Mountains" Layered Pastel & Wild Glasses 27" x 27"
SOLD at Leaping Lizard Gallery Show, 2002, Created 1985

Here is another variation on handling a glass landscape scene at night

See Jasmine's Other Southwestern Style Landscape Pieces
Combined Hot and Cold Glass Art


Commissioned in 1992 30" x 24"

Commissioned in 1992


Commissioned 2002 for a Specific Opening Above a Doorway. 38" width
All the Black shapes are actually a dark Forest Green Glass, depicting Pine Trees and Hillsides

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